Installing and updating BioPack

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Installing And Updating BioPack

You have the options of either performing a fresh install or an incremental update.

Incremental update is quicker, but it requires that you have the latest "base release" of BioPack installed

A fresh install is required if you have an earlier version of "base release" or you have just re-installed VNMRJ

Fresh Installation

  1. Go to the BioPack download page. Follow the installation instruction therein for a system-wide install. You will normally have to install the latest loadbiopack macro first.
  2. The new BioPack installation must be activated with a new probe file. The process is usually automatic if there is no user probefile (in ~/vnmrsys/probes/). Otherwise you need to manually activate BioPack with the new probe file by calling BPbiopack1a('y').
  3. Customize the new probefile according to the printed instructions. You can also view the instructions by typing man('BioPacklist').
  4. Perform the full probefile calibration, if necessary.

Incremental Update

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