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SPINS (Standardizing Protein NMR Storage) is an object oriented relational database used in the Montelione group for high-throughput NMR data storage, analysis and submission [1].


SPINS features useful tools for archiving of FIDs for structure determination projects.  Furthermore, the exact pulse sequence experiments used in the data collection are captured by SPINS.

SPINS also has a tool for submission of time domain NMR data for a structure project to BMRB under a given BMRB ID.

SPINS Interface

The main page of the SPINS interface is shown in Figure 1.  The main page features several functions including, input of NMR data, inserting NMR pulse sequences, and a project manage.   Clicking the "help" link provides a complete manual in pdf format.

Figure 1:  SPINS interface

SPINS mainpage.png

Common functions used in creating and managing structure determination projects include the multiple FID insert tool (Figure 2), the project manager (Figure 3) and the tools page which includes a function for transmitting NMR data in a SPINS project to the BMRB (Figure 4).

Figure 2:  FID insert tool

SPINS insertpage.png

Figure 3:  Project Manager

SPINS projectpage.png

Figure 4:  BMRB tool

SPINS toolspage.png


1. Baran, M., Moseley, H.N.B., Aramini, J.M., Bayro, M.J., Monleon, D., Locke, J. and Montelione, G.T. (2006) SPINS: A laboratory information management system for organizing and archiving intermediate and final results from NMR protein structure determination.  PROTEINS 62, 843 – 851.