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As part of the NIH funded PSI-2 project, the NESG dedicates 70% of its resources to the determination of targeted families selected by the PSI BIG, 30% to targets nominated by the academic community and 30% to its own biomedically oriented projects such as key proteins in Human cancer interaction networks and bacterial lipoproteins.

Throughout PSI-2, protein families proposed by the PSI BIG group have been selected by the PSI-2 large scale centers via a lottery system overseen by the PSI BIG group. Members of protein families selected by the BIG group are studied by the large scale centers prior to family selection and each center proposes families that they wish to pursue. The PSI BIG group resolves conflicts where more than one large scale center proposes to study the same protein family.

Before selecting a protein family, the NESG evaluates family members with a number of predictors:

Results of PSI-2 protein family drafts: